Eke and sterre

Eke and Sterre

Eke, a haemophilia patient and a mother of two children, opens up about her personal journey growing up as a female with this condition. She vividly recalls a significant shift in the medical landscape, from women being labelled as ‘carriers’ of the disease to their recognition as ‘patients’ in their own right.

Currently serving as the Chair of the women’s working group of the Dutch Haemophilia Patients Association, Eke is actively involved in shaping guidelines for testing girls who exhibit symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding, aiming to identify potential clotting issues early on.

Sterre, Eke’s daughter who is living with haemophilia A, received her diagnosis at the age of 18. Throughout her childhood, Sterre grappled with challenges such as heavy bruising and menstrual issues.

Despite the difficulties in the early stages of their diagnoses, both Eke and Sterre emphasise the positive strides made in understanding and treating haemophilia in women and girls. They are committed to raising awareness of haemophilia and are enjoying their lives as a family, looking forward to what the future holds.